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Unboxing Victrix's Warriors of Carthage

Victrix recently had a 30% discount on their website and I couldn't resist anymore...

So here's the unboxing and some excuses...

The Concept

First of all, I must say, that I really like  Victrix's concept in this box. It provides you 62 very nicely detailed hard plastic miniatures that you can utilize to build different troops for Carthagenian, Macedonian Successors, Samnites or Syracusan armies.

Each basic sprue gives you 3 models in chain mail, 3 in lithorax and 2 skirmishers in their night gowns. Command sprue comes with three models.

Sprues come bristling with options for heads, shields and so on. The reason I wanted this box was for kitbashing possibilities: I'm not planning to build an extensive Carthage army (even if I have enough minis for it already), but this box gives me plenty of choices to produce skirmishers, thureoporois, thorakitais and so on - with only slight kitbashing needed -. What ever I might "need" for my ancient armies. Quality is good and especially the skirmisher heads are very characterful.

So off we go! I immediately had to build a few examples:

Successor Thureaporoi with spear and javelins.

Musician with a spear. Head swap to a macedonian.

Skirmisher with an Iroquois hair style.

Models assembled

Good news for all Cathagenians...

Before Victrix there were only metal models available for Carthage (well, ok there are the plastic Numidians from WGF). Now they have this excellent set and more is coming:

And the word is, that there will also be PLASTIC ELEPHANTS!!!

How cool is that?

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