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UPDTED: Day 2. Visiting Little Wars in Stockholm - The Army Museum

The second day of Nopat-Club's "class trip" to Stockholm contained a visit to Sweden's Army Museum. An excellent museum and an obvious choice for a wargamer. After several hours in the museum we settled down to "fika" with our host for the day Micke aka Dalauppror and played a demo game of "La Belle Alliance aka Waterloo 1815" we have brought as a gift for The Little Wars.
Read on to see pictures from the museum and some comments on them.

The Museum is located in downtown Stockholm in an old military building. Entry is free and the quality of the display and setting is excellent, as you can see...

The collection includes several vignettes / dioramas. Here's an example of a 30 year war unit. The "models" are really characterful and full of detail. 

Closest to my interest are the sections related to the Great Northern War 1700-1721 and the so called "Finnish War" or Russo-Swedish War of 1808-1809 

Details for miniature converting and painting.
Yes, I actually do quite a bit of studying before painting the miniatures.

First World War

Exchange of the Royal Guard


Finnish antitank rifle

Napoleonic wars (Russo-Swedish war 1808-1809)

Swedish guard

Relaxed conclusion for the day with Micke: fika & Waterloo!

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