lauantai 16. joulukuuta 2017

Making most of MDF: Late Roman Temple

Serious finetuning?

Acquired this set from Warbases a while ago, but now had the motivation
to build it, paint it and pimp it as we're playing the Saga Limes Campaign

Read all about it!

So here's how you get most out of a MDF building...

Undercoating with sprays - relevant colors. MDF absorbs quite a lot color, 
so two layers might be needed.

Covering the walls with stuff made of PVA glue, sand, water and filler.

Washing it 
(mix of Citadel Arthrax Earthshade and Reikland Flesh
watered down)

Roofs washed with mix of red and brown

Three rounds of drybrush highlighting

Some detail touches to the door and
painting the window frames and doors

Building some interior stuff to support miniatures inside

Finalizing the building: 

- glued terrace roof elements, this was tricky, as the surface material
made it a bit difficult to get them into place
- high lighted the roofs

Defending the holy place

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  1. Beautiful building, well done, and the last picture is just amazing!