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MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Race for finishing 250 , I mean 300 miniatures in 2017

Completing painting projects

On 2nd of January I wrote in my blog:

"I want to make a promise for myself for 2017: I will finalize most of the miniatures I start / have started painting earlier."

So now I'm trying my best to live up to this promise and have a "race" going to finish a total of 250 miniatures this year. As you can see from the picture, there's a lot to finish (ok some of them are really quite finished, but I just want to give them a final check).

I started my race around mid December and at that time my count was 170 finished miniatures. I will update this post daily to track the progress. You can also track it in Instagram, my insta-account is "wanhaherrat".

16.12. few additions to our Saga Limes Campaign

These are probably counted in on the starting figure of 170 

18th of December 11 Aussie Milita Finished --> Score 181

21st of December 19 Sikhs finished for my WW2 Commonwealth force - Score 200!

22nd of December 8 Romano-British Finished - Score 208

23rd of December 11 Late Roman / Romano-British cavalry finished - Score 219

25th of December: 13 British Rangers / skirmishers finished - Score 232

26th of December: 12 British Grenadiers finished - Score 244

27th of December: 15 British Line infantry finished - Score 259

28th of December: 10 Japanese artillery and 5 civilians finished - Score 274

29th of December: 4 Napoleonic Don Cossacks finished - Score 278

30th of December: 7 Swedish Livsgard en häst - Lifeguard Cavalry 6 Carelian Dragoons and 4 Swedish horse for Great Northern War finished - Score 295

31st of December: 2 measurement swords for ToH and 12 Swedish Lifeguard (Livsgard) for Great Northern War finished - Score 309!


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