lauantai 29. joulukuuta 2018

531 and counting

Final rush for finalizing almost painted miniatures

Just like last year my December has mostly been dedicated to finishing half (or more) painted minis.

In this blog post I'm sharing the minis I've painted recently. On Novmber 11th I posted a post about having 420 minis finished this year. Now there 110 more and counting... 

I've also painted several models for the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game, see them here
and terrain and Iron Hills Dwarves for LOTR, see them here

Shinto models for the Rising Sun (CMON)

Byzantine Fire Power

Joy of Kitbashing!

Finns for the Winter War 1939

Nylands Dragoons for 1808-1809 Russo Swedish War
aka "Suomen Sota"

Star Wars Legion

Ninja for Test of Honor
by Warlord Games

Sarissa Precisions Gladiator Arena 

Pirates & 17th century civilians

We have a Blood & Plunder campaign starting at the Nopat & Taktiikka club 

My plan for focusing my painting only on almost finished miniatures was interrupted due to agreeing on running a demo game of Star Wars Legion to a friend and I had to have some rebels too...

More Star Wars!

Eastern Heavy, Cataphract cavalry 542-548

Finalizing my Rus minis, that have fought many battles in the Kingdoms in the East Campaigns throughout the year

Rus heroes on foot

More from the Dark Ages

At this point the count was already at 604 minis!

Final rush: finished these minis too: 

Normans from Perry and Foundry

Rus Druzhinas and Alexander Nevsky from FireForge Miniatures

And that concluded my painting in 2018, with this pretty awesome result of completed minis:

The terrible truth still remains... here are all the minis, that were on my painting desk at some point during 2018, but weren’t completed...

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