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Armies on Parade: ASOIAF Targaryens - Updated

Fire and Blood

Targaryen starter set for A Song Of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game was released in this years January. I had pre-ordered it and as soon as I got it, I've been painting and their mercenary allies. Here I've gathered everything I've painted so far, some 75 miniatures.


Heroes and characters

Daenarys and her men

 Daario Naharis & Illyrio Mopatis

Heroes 1.

Barristan Selmy & Grey Worm from Heroes1

Strong Belwas and Xaro Xhoan Daxsos

Neutral "heroes" often seen in Targaryen service

Dothraki & other cavalry


Awesome models!

Outriders with warpaint

First go with the Appaloosa style horses 


Targaryen starter set mainstay unit - with and without war paints

Banner converted. Flag from


Targaryen infantry

Unyielding Unsullied

Kitbashed Unsullied Pikemen in progress

And finished


Zorse riders, great against Baratheons and Lannisters


Archers, hmmm not that good in the game really, but nice models

Stormcrow Mercenaries


Queen Daenaerys and Drogon 

 Activation tokens from an ancient GW Mighty Empires set

My dice tray and banner

Family portrait in my cabin

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