maanantai 27. heinäkuuta 2020

Visiting Military Museums this summer

Traveling in Finland

As Covid-19 cancelled our trip to Menorca, we've traveled more in our beautiful country this summer. This has given me the opportunity to visit some military related museums (mostly while rest of the family has been doing something else).

Infantry Museum in Mikkeli

Almost every summer we drive past Mikkeli (in Savolax) on our way to my mother's summer place. This time we stopped and stayed overnight.

Portraits of all Mannerheim Cross Knights

Lotta Svärd (organization for women, supporting the war effort) badges

Winter War 1939-1940

Soviet propaganda leaflet

Not so popular peace treaty is made

Continuation War 1941-44

Battle of Tali-Ihantala 1944

WW2 Headquarters & Comms Museum

Mannerheim's desk

HQ staff's operations room

Mikkeli bombed

Lokki Comms center

Mannerheim's private train wagon

Wellamo Maritme Center, Kotka

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