maanantai 6. heinäkuuta 2020

First half a year on my painting desk

Steady pace of painting continues

Last year I painted or finished 679 miniatures, after six months of this year my standing is as follow:

So, a little bit behind in finished miniatures, but knowing again how many started new minis there are, I think I'm more than up to speed compared to last year. Covid-19 lock down gave every one a lot of time to spend at home, but that didn't really boost my productivity dramatically - I really seem to need the "next game" to drive my painting and you don't need to paint anything for playing with Tabletop simulator.

My projects have proceeded very well:

New Projects 2020

Currently I have two projects ongoing / prepared:

I'm certain that these shall be my new painting projects for 2020:

  • Saga Age of Magic Undead - army painted
  • ASOIAF: Targaryens (starter set should soon be here) - army painted (and more coming)
  • Anno Domini 1666 -miniatures (When the kickstarter is delivered) - first warband painted and several games played

Possible New Projects

What else have I painted?

Looking at what I've played these first 6 months: 41 games of ASOIAF and 25 times other games, it's no surprise, that my painting has been quite focused on ASOIAF minis. Besides Targaryens I have painted these:  

Night's Watch Ranger Hunters

Kitbashed NW Conscripts

Joar Mormont & Donal Noye

Daario Naharis

Stormcrow lieutenant

Stormcrow archers (Targaryen theme)

Stormcrow Mercenaries

House Bolton

Three incarnations of Ramsey Bolton / Snow

Black Guard

Ramsey & Reek

Roose Bolton

Activation tokens

More Neutrals

Bloody Mummer Zorse Riders

Walder Frey

House Stark


Howland Reed

Syrio Forel, First Blade of Bravos

Some terrain for ASOIAF

The Others or Legions of Undead for Saga

Undead Warriors from FireGorge Games

A toy painted into an undead giant
(notice the resemblance to the giant in House Umber banners)

Ice Spiders 

Marvel Crisis Protocol

Bought this game because first born girl is a huge Marvel-fun. We haven't played that many games, so I've restrained myself from buying more stuff to this game. The game is actually very cool, so I should run a demo of it at our club.

Natasha, Black Widow

Spiderman, painted by my daughter

Team at work

Bonecrusher and Ultron

Game in progress and some terrain (a bit WIP)

Other stuff

Dwarf Rangers I bought 15+ years ago from Paris. It was time to get them painted.

Army Painter's Anti Shine spray dulled them too much.
Tried olive oil to fix the damage.

Iron Breakers (need to take better pictures of them)

Beorn for MESBG

Anno Domini

A great new game I got as the kickstarter arrived

First game in action

Defenders of the Crown (Polish) vs. Royal Musketeers

Defenders of the Crown 

Tracians and Balerian Slingers

On the Workbench

Project China for Bolt Action

Kitbashing Chinese from Warlord's Japanese and Blitzkrieg Germans

Star Wars Legion terrain from the Lasers & Dungeons -range

Unsullied Pikemen conversion for Targaryens

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