maanantai 6. huhtikuuta 2015

GNW project update - which rules to use?

Which rule sets could be used?

The obvious choice is Black Powder; it has army lists and even special rules for Charles XII and Peter The Great... But since my collection of painted miniatures is still quite far from what is needed, I'm planning to start playing with Muskets & Tomahawk -ruleset. This was further encouraged since I found Kaspar's blog on 1812 - retreat from Moscow, where he uses adapted rules for napoleonic war gaming.

Third interesting set of rules is "Gå På" made by a Swede Thomas Arnfelt. Thomas runs a blog here and the ruleset can be bought from here.

I also bought Lace Wars rule set since it had a supplement with OOB and scenarios for several battles of GNW.

But as said I haven't played any games on GNW just yet...! So any comments on these rule set would be moct welcome!

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