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More LOTR - facing the Terror of Angmar

Gulavhar on the Rampage

Kalle, whom had missed our tournament on Sunday, asked for a sparring partner to try out his Angmar list for the coming tournament somewhere in Sweden, I was the fool to agree...

My list


Kalle had brought some tournament scenarios and we rolled a one, where one must grab a light object (the One Ring of course) - on foot - and then gains points depending on where one ends with it. Best points if one can exit the table via enemy table edge.

Set up deployment - wintery Angmar

Early game - taking positions

Gildor led my High Elves with a heroic march to the One Ring, but my warrior failed to pick it up (needed 4+ on D6). My fire support lay waste on the enemy.

Dwarven allies with their dreaded ballista

Mid game: Fight for the Ring

My High Elves formed a defensive perimeter around the Ring, 
while Gildor Inglorion tried to grab it - no success!

Gulavhar pushed my Elves 3" back and moved to grab the Ring.

Next round my Elves valiantly charged Gulavhar, whom had grabbed the One Ring (as you can see)

 This time the beast threw one of my Rivendel knights and knocked 
several others down, causing them to lose their horses!

My ballista couldn't get a shot at Gulavhar as it was in melee all the time.

End game: grinding melee & the escape

Gulavhar flies away with the One Ring, my Wood Elves takes shots at it, but to no avail...


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