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More Maurice

Another GO for Lesnaya 1708

As we liked the Maurice system (By Sam Mustafa) quite a bit, I wanted to re-run Lesnaya with a slightly different team this time. Antti and me were playing the Swedes now and Jaakko, Stephan and Sebastian (latter two being guest players to our campaign) were running the Russians. Matti had also ventured to the club, but the game he thought would have been there wasn't. so he joined us.

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This time I didn't paint anything new for the game - just fine tuned my Swedish / Finnish cavalry:

Livsgardet till häst

Carelian Dragoons

Generic Swedish cavalry

Setting up

This time we had two new players joining the campaign: Stephan - our French connection and
our regular visitor Sebastian from Joensuu. Today it was also conveniently "Svenska Dagen".

See the scenario and OOB from the report of the first game

We made following changes to the scenario:
  • Baggage train would move D6" +/- modifiers
  • Swedish reinforcements would each add +1 to Morale when arriving to BF
  • Reinforcements would arrive in march column and move automatically every turn until connected to a force 

2 vs. 2

Besides the changes to the scenario, we also scaled up the game from 1 on 1 to 2 on 2. This required another deck of cards, which I had acquired from North Star in the meanwhile. So basically me and Jaakko were sharing a one deck, while Antti and Stephane the other. A commander couldn't share his cards with his comrade in arms.
All set! 

  The crowd

Swedish deployment

Early phases

It was quite amazing how differently the game went this time! Previously Marko had first engaged the Freijbourg advance guard and then went on for a full scale cavalry assault.

This time how ever, Jaakko / Sebastian pushed forward with Russian infantry and Stephane advanced with his cavalry. Once again the Russian artillery only fired once and was then left behind.

Russian infantry division advancing in march columns

Swedes holding steady

In the beginning of the game our BT was really making excellent progress, as we rolled 6-6-5-5

Commanders in Chief contemplating the situation 

Sebastian learning the moves

The one and only time the Russian artillery is fired

Russian forces had clearly found some excellent local guides as they were able to find their way through the forest without being disrupted (Sebastian had two "Find the way" cards in his hand!)

Enemy sighted!

As soon as the enemy was sighted pushing through the forest, the Swedish force activated itself

Panorama from the Swedish perspective

Baggage train still making good progress, even if harassed cossacks

I advanced my forces to charge range in a proper Gå På -manner and played a card denying the Russians from shooting (they had better fire power than me)

I than charged the enemy with pikes and bayonets, but to my great disappointment, I was repelled!

I followed up with a cavalry charge and at least broke one of Russian units - it is essential to gain momentum and press the attack against Russians to break them, as they Rally with great efficienscy.

Reinforcements arrive Russian cavalry attack

As our BT had made such good progress I decided to bring in two reinforcement units. Unfortunately the last wagon was still blocking the bridge! 

Finally the Russian Dragoons. commanded by Stephan, pushed through the forest and our second contingent commanded by Antti steeled themselves for the coming onslaught -luckily we had pikes...

Heavy casualties: Russians kept both rallying pouring fire on my units - on one round I lost two units!

On the right flank our battle line was charged, but the enemy was repelled!

Russian reserves holding back

 End of Freijborg's vanguard

Final stages

All but one baggage wagon had exited the battle field... but the progress had slowed down as we had brought in units, that had been protecting the baggage train. 

I redressed my lines and tried to rally, which was hard as the Russians were keeping up the pressure and my cards were very few...

Luckily our right flank had fared quite well and we still had 6 points of morale left (it had been increased by reserve units entering the battle field)

Final exchange of shots was exchanged between our artillery firing canister and Russian musketeers. Our canister was surprisingly inefficient!

End game overviews from different angles

Swedish VICTORY!
(With a bloodied nose)

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  1. Nice table setup and mini collection. Real dudes with hats cracked me up, looked like fun.