perjantai 3. marraskuuta 2017

LOTR: Escape to Loth Lorien

To the Lady!

Fine tuning Wood Elves for the game


Fellowship needs to escape via opposite table edge. If 4 of them OR Frodo gets killed evil side wins.
D6 Wargs  enter the game from a table edge (not the target table edge) chosen by the side with priority, max 18 of them available. River is difficult ground except for the ford, which is 4" wide. Wood elves become available from a random point in the board as soon as any model moves within 12" of the target table edge. 


I was playing the good guys with Marko, while Kalle played the evil side.

Aragorn escorted the hobbits, while Legolas lended fire support and Gimli and Boromir stalled the goblin tide. Fellowship escaped unscathed!

Legolas won the kill count duel with Gimli

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  1. That's a nice collection of the LotR's. Looks like fun too.