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Bolt Action Apocalypse

Allied push in the Pasific

Morning started with a briefing from Juha, whom had organized the event

Orders were:

In the beach sector: 

  • Allied forces needed to breach the defensive line (units across the bunker line scored points)
  • Japanese needed to destroy enemy units
In the airfield 

  • Allied forces needed to destroy the planes (2p. each), secure the airstrip (3p.) and destroy enemy units
  • Japanese needed to get the plains in the air (3rd round lift off), hold the airstrip and destroy enemy units 

In the village / mountains

  • Allied forces needed to stop the enemy garrison from moving reinforcements to the beach sector
  • Japanese needed to repel the attack and keep the track free to move forces

Then the Japanese started their deployment (they could leave 50% of their units in reserve)

Matti was defending the airfield. My Papuans and a sniper were forward deployed.

I also had:

* 1st Lieutnant
* Medic
* Free forward artillery observer
* Unit of Chindits
* Unit of Gurkhas
* Unit of Regulars (Sikh)
* Recce carrier with 2 LMG's
* Stuart 2 light tank
National special rule: Blood gurgling charge (enemy can't shoot at chargers)
Total of 10 dice and 1000 points.

Battle is about to start... I'm the guy in the Japanese uniform and yes I'm playing with the allies!

Early phases

My forces moved in from the left flank and my Recce took out first of the planes 
right away!

This side of the battle field remained quite silent

Jap air strike!
Failed to take out my Recce!

Gurkhas lead the way!

Erm... covered by the brave Papuans

Positions after my first round, my tank is there behind the river

Mid game

Gurkhas take positions to assault...

While Japanese forces take positions on the perimeter of the airstrip, armour moving in...

Jap parachuters are hoping to catch a flight... not with this bird chaps!

Chindits move in from their outflank but the other Zero has managed to take off! (Round 3.)

Gurkhas do what is expected of them, but the Jap vets sell their lives dearly!

Beginning of the end

Gurkhas are being shot from all sides... they were real bullet magnets (I'm not surprised)

Chindits are taken out with a charge from Jap vets

After several rounds of tank duelling the Jap Chinu took out my Stuart... in my desperation I thought I had nothing against the enemy armor now... then brave Sikhs proved me wrong by taking the Jap Tankette out in melee!

Counter charge finished them off... Gurkhas had by now taken 10 pins and were hence removed from play... I had practically nothing left, just some HQ units

Final situation

Allied forces were pretty badly beaten on all fronts...

Today the victory belonged to the Imperial Japanese Army!

Some minis I had finished for the game

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