torstai 22. maaliskuuta 2018

Unboxing STAR WARS Legion

Dream of a Star Wars Fan - Wargamer came true?

I was very positively surprised when our local game store Fantasiapelit sent me an email yesterday, announcing that pre-ordered Star Wars Legion -products could be picked up today! I had been warned, that deliveries from FFG or their European distributor haven’t always been in time.
So even if suffering from a nasty flue I hauled myself towards downtown Helsinki and got my precious loot! 

Read on to see what’s in the box and first minis put together and base coated...

Opening the Box

Cover of the rule book is a nice effect when opening the box...

Lot’s of little plastic bags

Cards covering units, commands, scenarios etc. Nice visuals, good quality.

More cards, these seem to be add ons to unit’s like special weapon troopers and extra abilities

Counters, also good quality

Contents of two extension sets - yes I do intend to focus to Imperium!


I was very eager to get going with the minis (Imperium), but of course I had the patience to prepare them properly: wash in warm water

As I started to put together the minis I was a bit shocked to find out how thick the bases were! As I’ll be using my earlier SW miniatures as well, I decided to use thinner bases. Those thick bases would have made the size difference even more drastic. 

These new minis are clearly bigger as you can see. I wouldn’t mix miniatures in a same unit, but having complete units from one or the other shouldn’t be a problem.

Undercoated first batch. Super glue was recommended for glueing, but I used mainly plastic cement and worked just fine.
With Darth Vader I had challenges and had to use SG. Also instructions for putting together the “bike” could have been better. I gave Darth a bigger base, as the model is quite a  Goliath!

Over all I’m very happy with the products. Now it’s time to start painting and hopefully I can have a game soon!  That shouldn’t be a problem as 3 of my gaming buddies (that I know of) already have the game...

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