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Battle of Dorylaeum 1097

The Battle of Dorylaeum took place during the First Crusade on July 1, 1097, between the crusaders and the Seljuk Turks, near the city of Dorylaeum in Anatolia. - Wikipedia.

Introductory video here.


Crusader vanguard needs to hold out and protect the camp until rearguard force arrives and saves the day. Rearguard was deployed, but could be activated from round 2. Crossing the river would take one move.

Victory points would be awarded from:

* Breaking enemy divisions
* Looting enemy camp (moving in)
* Holding enemy camp at the end of the game

Our Order of Battle


Bohemond of Taranto (CiC Ld 9)
1 x Dismounted Knights - stubborn
2 x Heavy infantry
3 x Crossbows
1 x Archers
Tancred of Taranto (Ld 8)
1 x Heavy Infantry
2 x Medium Infantry
3 x Crossbows
1 x Archers
Robert of Normandy (Ld 8)
1 x Heavy Infantry
2 x Medium Infantry
1 x Medium Infantry with Crossbows
2 x Light infantry Crossbows
1 x Archers
Robert of Flanders (Ld 8)
2 x Medium Infantry
3 x Crossbows
1 x Archers

Godfrey of Bouillon (Ld 9 CiC)
1 x Knights - tough fighters, frenzied charge
4 x Knights
Raymond of Tolouse (Ld 8)
1 x Knights - tough fighters
3 x Knights
2 x Mounted Sergeants
Baldwin of Boulogne (Ld 8)
1 x Knights - tough fighters
3 x Knights
1 x Mounted Sergeants
Adhemar de Puy (Ld 8 )
1 x Knights - tough fighters, frenzied charge
3 x Knights



Kilij Arslan (Cic Ld 9)
3 x Heavy Cavalry (one unit with fierce fighters)
5 x Turcoman Cavalry
1 x Seljuk Cavalry (Camels)

Kilij Arslan’s Lieutenant
2 x Ahdath Infantry
2 x Light Infantry with Spears
2 x Skirmishers with bows

Hasan of Cappadocia (Ld 8)
3 x Askari Cavalry
6 x Turcoman Horse Archers
1 x Seljuk Horse Archers (camels)
Hasan’s Lieutenant (Ld 8)
2 x Ahdath Infantry
4 x Ahdath infantry levy
2 x Light Infantry Archers
2 x Skirmishers w. javelins/slings

Danishmend Ghazi (Ld 8) - me
2 x Agulani Cataphract cavalry
2 x Askari Cavalry
4 x Turcoman horse archers
1 x Seljuk Horse Archers (camels)
Danishmend Ghazi’s Lieutenant (Ld 8) -me
3 x Ahdath Infantry
3 x Light Infantry Archers
2 x Skirmishers w. javelins/slings

Map of our battlefield


Our umpire Aleksis watching over as the table is set

Tensions are rising!

Poor crusaders all but surrounded!

Kilij Arslan's divisions

View from Hasan's positions

Crusader infantry packed tight.

My division prepared

Crusader rear guard placed on the table 
(to be actived from round 2.)

Beautiful Perry minis!

Muslim assault begins!

We got to start the game and mine and Kilij Arslan's divisions surged forward to pepper the crusaders with arrows. Hassan's division tactically held back for now...


As the Crusader rearguard was sighted in the distance our forces didn't waste time, but charged in!
Enemy shooting had also been withering, so it was high time to move in and take those crossbow units out of the battle and so we did!

First line of crusaders destroyed by my cavalry!

Hassan's division also decided to start moving, how good of him!

Crusaders fight back!

As our first wave had taken in some shooting and then fought severfal rounds of melee, they were eventually destroyed by the second battle line of Crusaders...

Overview end of round 3. Crusader rearguard has reached the river - but slower than expected! Will they make a difference in time?

Muslim and Crusader second waves crash in!

As the remnants of the first wave scattered, Danishmend waisted no time in commanding his remaining mounted fighters into a charge and his lieutnant commander did the same for the muslim infantry. One of the cavalry units chased the enemy skirmishers deeper into the swamp and prepafre to enter the Crusader camp!

On the far side of the battle field a terrible sound rang in the air as heavy cavalry units smashed into one another as first mounted crusaders charged across the river... would this turn tip the balance of the battle?

Luckily Crusader Rearguard had had some difficulties in getting their forces in to position and most of the were still behind the river...

And even if some muslims were wiped away, we had plenty of reserves as Hassan's units joined in stemming the tide!

In the meanwhile my forces broke through and sweeped into the flanks of the remaining defenders of the camp - huzzah!

Overview at the end of round 5. (I think)

Camp is taken!

On round 6 my infantry started looting the enemy camp. To everyone's surprise the Crusader infantry fighting to it's flank still had the fighting spirit in them - or actually their commander Bohemond had: he joined into the melee with all he got and they managed to win that round and my cavalry jumped out of the melee! Maybe it was good, because if my unit had broken, my division would also have broken...

Tactical retreat in process...

Overview of the central battle field: enemy army has broken as all four vanguard divisions (and one o the rearguards too?) have broken...

Panorama of the battle field in the end of the game!



Allah Akbar!

  • We agreed, that Crusader rearguard should have been available from round one (or 1 command reroll / turn), as now few failed commands decided the battle
  • We were very pleased with aesthetics of the battle - loads of beautifully painted minis on the table (many of mine still need some work). Especially Jaakko S. had painted more than 100 minis in last couple of months and enjoyed his first game of HC
  • We discussed quite a bit about supporting... how do you play - can a unit decided NOT to support, if it's in a position to support? (in our games we allow units within 1" from the fighting unit to join in as supports)

Only finished on unit of Crusader cavalry for this game (I did worked on my Saracens too, but they weren't quite finished):

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