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Back to the Galaxy far far away

First game of Star Wars Legion this year

During this year I had only been buying new releases for imperium, so it was high time to paint and try out the new toys!
Some of the pictures taken by my mate and opponent Marko.

New stuff painted for the game

Director Krennick seems as an excellent character for his points value

Anti-personnel firepower - also needed for my Hoth -project
 Imperial Death troopers - entourage for Krennick and excellent in standby

My force

Standard (Galactic Empire) [799 Points] ++

+ Commander [90 Points] +

•Director Orson Krennic [90 Points]

+ Operative [140 Points] +

•Boba Fett [140 Points]

+ Corps [190 Points] +

Snowtroopers [80 Points]: Flametrooper [20 Points], Snowtrooper [12 Points]

Stormtroopers [55 Points]: Stormtrooper [11 Points]

Stormtroopers [55 Points]: Stormtrooper [11 Points]

+ Special Forces [224 Points] +

Imperial Death Troopers [110 Points]: E-11D [8 Points], Overwatch [4 Points], •DT-F16 [22 Points]

Scout Troopers [60 Points]

Scout Troopers  [54 Points]: DLT-19x Sniper [28 Points], HQ Uplink [10 Points]

+ Support [155 Points] +

74-Z Speeder Bikes [100 Points]: Long Range Comlink [10 Points]

E-Web Heavy Blaster Team [55 Points]

The battle in the street of Mos Eisley, Tatooine

Scenario: fight for the control of 3 objectives; 1 point for holding an objective in the end of round 2 and 4, 2 points at the end of round 6. We adapted this to getting 1,5 points at the end of round 4, as we ended the game in the end of that round. Conditions were clear. In addition Boba Fett nominated Luke as his target; taking Luke out would earn me a VP.

Deployment & overview

Deployment was made into the short table edges - I was happy with this, at it gave me an advantage against Marko’s short range Fleet troopers and my speeders could benefit from their speed too.

Rebel perspective

Millennium Falcon ready to escape?

Poor porgs were sacrificed for Rangor, to keep it busy...

Round 1.

My snipers took a position with a high vantage point, scanning for that annoying Skywalker with their unlimited range...

Director Krennick ordered his troops to advance towards the middle objective. Scouts lead the way.

Rebel commandos take the high ground

Boba Fett jumps in to counter


Knowing how devastating Mr. Skywalker can be on a rampage, Boba Fett was activated first with his own command card 

He moved to the edge of the roof and whipcorded Luke, shouting: “you’re my prisoner now!”

In the meanwhile C. Krennick lead his entourage down the alley - boldly leading from the front!

I guess Mr. Skywalker and his band of bandits were annoyed by Boba, 
as half of the army blasted at him, and eventually took him out.
In the end of round 2. I was controlling two objectives, 
but firepower from Fleet troopers was starting to feel...

On the rebel right flank one unit of Fleet troopers were taking a lot of fire

Speeder bikes zigzagging down the alley

Round 3.

Lot’s of troops were now gathered near the central objective... 
whom would control it in the end of round 4?

Scouts were sent on a suicide mission to neutralise a unit of Fleet troopers 
and to hold enemies from the central objective.

Unfortunately they couldn’t quite kill the whole unit and soon these brave scouts 
were cut down in the enemy crossfire!

Don’t harass the Rangor!

Luke Skywalker had been neutralised for one round, but now he charged forward and straight into my snowtroopers...

Whom he cut down in couple sweeps of his green light sabre! Scary! 
My cannon blasted away at him, but not a scratch! My sniper finally
managed to wound him, but he was still far from being taken out!

My speeder bikes made a desperate dash forward, aiming to reach the far end objective 
and to blast at the rebels controlling it, 
but they were cut down too!

Round four

Loyal forces of empire were rapidly losing men now, but a Krennick still had an ace to play:

Death troopers specialise in standby action: they get a free aim token after they have used a standby token. More important, this is a way, they can shoot twice in a turn (limitation to one attack action is once per activation and not per turn). Unfortunately we didn’t know this ruling and played it wrong, so my DTs only shot once at Luke, but didn’t manage to take him out. With a second salvo, I think this would have been accomplished.

During the last round our armies struggled to control the central objective, but now the rebels had too many units for me to handle. I was able to hold on to the objective near my deployment zone, but the central one was lost to the rebels, whom scored 3 points in the end of the round, while I got 
1,5 points. 

This totalled in a final score:

Empire 3,5 points
Rebels 4 points

So a tight fight, with a marginal victory for the rebel scum... I THINK I will call it a draw, as we played the standby tokens wrong - I could have taken out Skywalker to take one VP!

Great game indeed and it really re-kindled my flame for STAR WARS LEGION! Next game next week... stay tuned.

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