sunnuntai 11. elokuuta 2019

Latest paint jobs

What have I been painting this year?

My painting this year has so far focused on a handful of projects, read on to learn what they are!
There are also links to battle reports with these minis - I always paint to play!
So far I've finished 198 minis from scratch and completed 35 minis started earlier (last yearI. In addition to that, there must be at least 200 minis that have been started, but are still WIP.

The focus: Song of ice and Fire: tabletop miniatures game

This game (fired up listening all the books last fall and the last season of the TV series) has really enthralled me and I have already painted a large Stark army and Night's Watch are well on the way...

Night's Watch

Harry Potter Miniatures 

Saga Age of Magic: Masters of Underearth

Österbotten regiment 1808 for Salute

LOTR: Fiefdoms

World War II: Finns & Polish


WIP bikers


Project Egypt

Greek Mythodology (minis are from Mythic Battle Pantheon)


Star Wars Legion

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  1. Dude I had a blast scrolling through all this lovely eye candy. Great work, and wow your portfolio of periods is pretty divested!


    1. Thanks Kevin! It sure is... check out how my last year was: