lauantai 15. helmikuuta 2020

FIRST GAME OF SAGA 2 - blast from the past

And the 5th Game of our Limes Campaign 

Last Romans vs. Germanic People

Our club’s Saga players gathered again for another Saga Games Night, but this time it was a special: first go with Saga 2.0
Last Romans (me) faced Germanic People in 5th year game of our Limes Campaign (Rome currently leading 15-8 vs. Barbarians). Other games were Saracens vs. Normans (playing Crusaders) and Vikings vs. Scots. A full battle report on my game and conclusions on how we all felt about Saga 2.0 follows...

This post was created about a year ago, but was not finished. So here it is, not finished but eye candy anyway!

Luckily I had a mighty force of Romans facing the threat:

* 5 Mounted HG with composite bows
* 4 Mounted HG
* 14 warriors
* 18 warriors with bows
* 9 levies with javelins
* Manuballista (not a Last Romans factions choise, but from the campaign assets)

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