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MDF Japanese Buildings

New terrain for both Sengogu & WW2 periods

As I'm planning to try out Kings of War Historical with my Samurai era -army and preparing an airfield raid -scenario for Bolt Action, I was fired up to build my Sarissa Precision Japanese buildings, that I've had for a year or so (probably two).
These sets are quite excellent, even if I originally had some doubts on MDF-buildings.
The instructions by Sarissa are really quite a joke, so even if the sets are really quite easy
to build, some modeling experience is needed.

Shop / Townhouse

Building started to take shape pretty fast, some PVA glue was needed

I was a bit worried would the setting of the final wall prove challenging as others were already in place, but this was not to be.

Completed, but not happy with the separate roof elements, decided to glue them together.
One of the things the "instruction" leave out is to glue the roof supports into the roof elements and not into the building.



Roof glued together and extra beams glued for support

Large House

My Second set (OK, I've done the Shrine and Tori-gate earlier) was the Large House. as it was quite close to the Shop -set, building it was even faster.

As the building is clearly 2 store high, I added some 2nd floor elements from the left over frames.

Roof assembly, lesson learned...

I had glued the roofs together, but they called for the top beam,
which I added, using left overs again.

Chose to leave window shutters and doors open. Supports gaming better.

I think the buildings suit quite well as buildings during WW2 (somewhere in Burma or the islands) as well the Sengogu period

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