lauantai 8. lokakuuta 2016

Russo-Swedish War 1808-1809 - first Finns WIP

These Savolax Jägers are made from French Dragoons on foot (Perry). Heads are from some other plastic napoleonic set. I had them in my bitsbox. See the others and learn how they were made.

Savolax Regiment

These Finnish Savolax Regiment Infantry troops are made from Austrian Infantry (Perry). Landwehr hats are modified by cutting of some of the side and adding feather, Once again from some cavalry model and Russian grenadier plastic heads.

To the rear I've modeled missing broad strap and the cooking pot with green stuff. The Austrians had backpacks, but the Swedish army didn't use backpacks, but satchels.

Karelian Dragoon

The horse (metal) is from Warlord Games Plastic set for French Chasseurs a Cheval.
The Sword is from a husar, I have several sets. Both British and French will do. 

The hat is from the Victrix plastic set for French Artillery, with added feathers.

7 kommenttia:

  1. Looks exellent !

    Please tell what mini you used for the cavalry?

  2. @Dalauppror - explanations added.

  3. Nice, I am tempted by yours and Dalaupprors projects to start my own Russo-Swedish war project, I'll be watching for more motivation and ideas, thanks.

  4. Hi Dan. I've added a project page for the "Finnish War". I'll be collecting links and tips there.

  5. Looking good! Any thoughts on which battles you are aiming for?

  6. Excellent job, they look splendid, I love the Savolax Regiment!

  7. Phil, Thanks! Even if it's still WIP, it's a work of love!
    Mikko: using the excellent scenario-books from Sword & Sabre Publishing, I would like to think we"ll play most of them!