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UPDATED: Russo-Swedish War 1808-1809 proggres report

I've Been busy building My Finnish troops for 1808-1809.
I've used both metal and plastic miniatures.
Read more on how and what.

The small horde

Cannons & crews. Most models are Perry British (Egypt), 2 kneeling fellows are fleemarket finds
from Hamburger Tactica and the guy on white is a conversion of Victrix French artillery and a Perru Audtrian Landwehr head (still waiting for the Brigade Miniatures heads)

Commander von Döbeln modelled. All bits from Victrix: Austrian and French (early) infantry boxes, even the horse

Converting (green stuff and cutting off the fur)Perry British light cavalry horses into dragoon horses; both Russian Hussars and Swedish Dragoons had the arrow-head style "blankets" on their horses. Metal horse from WLG as a model.

Karelian Dragoons

How to build them: Warlord Games Plastic set for French Chasseurs a Cheval for bodies and sabre scabbards, the sword arms are from a husar, I have several sets. Both British and French will do. Heads are from the Victrix plastic set for French Artillery, with added feathers.

Dismounted dragoon: Victrix Austrian infantry commander with rifle arm from Perry French dragoons and the head from Victrix French artillery. Metal horse from somewhere, possibly Foundry.

Converting the British infantry

One needs to fine tune the hat and add a cooking pot or drinking water container:

Excellent guidance from:

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  1. I love your job on the command vignette, fantastic paint brush and basing...

  2. Savo mainittu, (Kuopion) torilla tavataan! :P

  3. Thanks Phil, have to finish it now! Mikko: we will fight there!