perjantai 26. tammikuuta 2018

Armies on Parade: Great Northern War Russians & Saxons

The Arch enemy

Peter the Great's army with colors flying

 As Swedes and Finns have been my main focus in my GNW-project and our GNW Campaign are these stout Russians (and their alliers) a somewhat sad example of an army, that already has quite a lot of miniatures but probably less than half of them are really completed... this year I will finish them!

- Wargames Factory Plastics & Casting Room

- Warfare & Casting Room

Von Repins Guard


 These are mostly conversions from Warlord's plastic Pike & Shotte Dragoons and heads / hats from WGF's Malburians (Horse & Musket range, nowadays sold by Warlord)

Cossacks from Foundry and Perry

 Saxon allies

 Bought the riders from Hamburg Tactica's Bring & Buy, horses from my lead of pile

See them in action in these battle reports:

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