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Mythic Battles PANTHEON Unboxing

A huge package of Greek Mythos Goodiness arrived!

I was expecting a two part delivery from Northstar today. It arrived. I was totally blown away when I opened the other (the bigger one) and found an insane amount of Kickstarter Goods on the Mythic Battle Pantheon!

Read on to learn, what insane means in this particular case!

A mighty box

It's contents
(and I didn't take all the extensions, not even close)

The Actual Game Box

Looks promising...

Nice set of contents

Gods and the good guys

Bad guys & Monsters
(oops Heracles is there as well)

Samples of gaming stuff

Rest of the stuff in the main set

All minis come very carefully packed

Pandora's Freakin' Box!

This is what I like in Kickstarters 
- a real added value from the stretch goals

So many and soooo beautiful!

Smaller additional sets


Hera -set

One more TITAN: Atlas

Sample of a Character card: Athena

For some reason, there are no counterparts for
the plastic stat clips


  • I remember paying a lot  for this, but now I feel it was definitely worth it (I hope I feel the same after reading the rules and playing some games)
  • Miniatures are mindblowing, main reason I bought this
  • I think I might need to get playing "Of Gods and Mortals" from Osprey as well, now I certainly have enough miniatures for it! 
  • And it has loads of miniatures for many different games I play:
    • Congo
    • Kings of War
    • Saga 2nd edition (when the Greeks worlds -universe is published)
  • This set practically has a few fantasy armies in it!
OK, time to start reading the rules!

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