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Summary of Hobby Year 2017

A very active Year of Hobby again

What a great year of gaming indeed...

I've played almost 20 different systems (OK, one of them is a board game - Blood Rage, but it oo has cool minis to paint!) and played almost 70 games during the year! Read on learn more about my gaming year, painting results and how this blog has developed.

Painted Miniatures

This totals into more than 300 FINISHED miniatures last year. My set goal was to succeed in finishing more of the miniatures I start to paint. I had set this goal as I (still) tend to start new miniatures even if I have unfinished ones waiting to be completed. This is due to the fact, that I typically and practically always I paint miniatures to what ever is the next game I play or campaign or tournament, that is coming. Another reason is, that I often try to get too many units painted at one go (because they are needed in the next game!).

I'm actually quite pleased with this result and even if my "symptoms" continued this year, my "December sprint" saw more than 100 unfinished miniatures finished!

(Note: I'm currently reviewing last years projects and I have a feeling, that my accounting has not been totally accurate and the number might go up once this review/recount is finished - much like in the Presidential elections in Florida, USA)


I was totally blown away, when I realized that my blog writing has been an amazingly steady flow of new blog posts annually:

I didn't know there was that much engineer in me!

Most popular blog posts (have you read them?)

Through out the three year history of this blog, these posts have been most viewed (hopefully read as well!). Naturally older posts have had a longer visibility, but still the number ONE Post is surprisingly new!

 A shorter period of one month perspective:

I'm also very pleased with how the over all interest in my blog is growing; it will soon reach a total of 100 000 viewings (my own are not included) and the monthly number has grown significantly this year. I wonder why the number of actual followers has not grown that much... any hints on that?

And finally where have these views come from, pretty  international I'd say:

My top 5 Hobby Highlight in 2017

These are my most favorite hobby "things" from 2017:

Number 2. Starting our Finnish War 1808-1809 campaign

Number 3. LOTR Helms Deep Megabattle

Number 4. Warfare Wargames show in Reading

Number 5. Saga Limes Campaign 

Dear Reader!

I would greatly appreciate to learn...

Which blog post you've found most interesting or entertaining in 2017?

Which game with me holds the warmest memory for you? (burning hatred, sweet warm feeling of victory?

After all, this is a very social hobby to me, so thank you all fellow gamers for making my hobby year 2017 a very good one!

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  1. Impressive numbers all around. Always an enjoyable read.

    1. Thanks Dan! Would love to see you as a follower to my blog. Thanks for reading!