sunnuntai 26. huhtikuuta 2015

First Retreat from Moscow 1812 -miniatures almost ready!

First demo on our club will be played in less than two weeks and my painting has now focused on producing suitable troops for both the Russians and the Grand Army of Napoleon!

Here's the first pic of some french voltigeurs / light infantry and miscellaneous other troops from Perry Miniatures:

These figures are being finalized today and soon after I will finish some on foot cossacks! Stay tuned.

tiistai 21. huhtikuuta 2015

Crusades campaign: Battle of Hattin (Deus Vult -rules), report by Mentor on Miniatures

Last Saturday we played a rather huge battle as part of our Crusades Campaign.

Juha was faster than me in writing a report, so let's utilize that:

Mentor on Miniatures: Deus Vult - Battle of Hattin: Last weekend we had one of the main battles of our Holy Land Crescent & Cross campaign. The battle of Hattin 1187 which sealed the fai...

perjantai 10. huhtikuuta 2015

Saga: Cross & Crescent campaign round 4: Teaching Crusaders a lesson

So round 4 started and I was eager to keep playing!

I wanted to play the scenario Assault at Dawn (C&C page 112) and got Mikko (a rather newbie on Saga) and his crusaders as my opponent. 

Table is set and unit counters deployed - good to go! (Myself on the left)

maanantai 6. huhtikuuta 2015

GNW project update - which rules to use?

Which rule sets could be used?

The obvious choice is Black Powder; it has army lists and even special rules for Charles XII and Peter The Great... But since my collection of painted miniatures is still quite far from what is needed, I'm planning to start playing with Muskets & Tomahawk -ruleset. This was further encouraged since I found Kaspar's blog on 1812 - retreat from Moscow, where he uses adapted rules for napoleonic war gaming.

Third interesting set of rules is "Gå På" made by a Swede Thomas Arnfelt. Thomas runs a blog here and the ruleset can be bought from here.

I also bought Lace Wars rule set since it had a supplement with OOB and scenarios for several battles of GNW.

But as said I haven't played any games on GNW just yet...! So any comments on these rule set would be moct welcome!

perjantai 3. huhtikuuta 2015

Saga: Cross & Crescent campaign round 3: tight victory to my saracens

Battle at the Jordan river (ford)

Third round continued on a second evening of gaming. Our muslim side had been so cunning that no muslim armies arrived for the game night and we got the christians to fight amongst themselves (as they historically also did).
Last night it was the right time for the saracens to make their moves as me (aka Mullah Nicodemus ibn Yahia ibn Aymaan al-Zugag) and Kalle (aka Amir Azad ibn Aijaz ibn Arman al-Manna or Kallah in short) moved to encounter Aleksis' (aka Baron Alexis du Rich d’Ibelin, le seigneur de Nablus) crusaders and Sami's (aka Hochmeister Samuel von Hauck von Der Orden der Brüder vom Deutschen Haus Sankt Mariens in Jerusalem) Milites Christi. Yes we have cool thematic campaign alter egos ;-)
Deployment done