sunnuntai 30. heinäkuuta 2017

GNW: Battle of Napue (Storkyro) 1714 @ Ropecon (Report is WIP)

Nopat -club proudly presented at Ropecon: Finland at War

Earlier in the spring I got an idea for celebrating Finland's 100th anniversary in Ropecon2017 by running (demo) games from the Finnish war history. We planned this and ended up by staging battles from four different centuries: 1600-1700-1800-1900. See the blog post for further info on this.

I chose to stage the Battle of Napue (or Storkyro) 1714, which was last battle of the Great Northen War (1700-1721) fought in Finland. The era called "Great wrath" in Finland - occupation and terror by Russians.
Game system: Black Powder by Warlord Games.
History of the this battle here

See the blog post for further info on how the battle went and plenty of pictures.

maanantai 24. heinäkuuta 2017

Bolt Action: Testing the Scenario for Ropecon 2017

Battle of Kuuterselkä - Report is ready

On June 13th 1944 , the Soviet 21st Army's offensive reached the partially completed VT-line.[9] The defensive position was breached at Kuuterselkä already on June 15. Though the line was breached the Finnish resistance managed to delay further Soviet advances. - WIkipedia

More info in Finnish here.

We ran a play test game with Kalle and Juha for the scenario planned for Ropecon. Pictures are now online, text will follow.

tiistai 11. heinäkuuta 2017

Saga introduction to a new player

The Last Stand of Kilin Arslan

I gave an introductory game on Saga for two club fellows tonight. Did I win?

The Other Way Around!

The Cowrie of Coumbra as the pursuer

As both me and Kalle liked the scenario very much on our first go, we decided to turn the tables... read on to learn how it went this time...