New Project 2020: WW2 China

An interesting army

I had been thinking this on and off since the release of Bolt Action supplement Empires in Flames, but what really got me inspired was this video:

And here's the painting tutorial from Pete The Wargamer:

So I started to kitbash first models from my plastic sets, which I conveniently already owned. Here are my first results:

Mix of Jap and German parts (head is a plastic samurai head)

Mix of Russian, Jap and German parts

Suicide anti-tank attack!

Besides using Warlord Games' plastics, I've ordered WW1 Germans from Atlantic Wargames (they make great plastics!) to kitbash more troops.

Then of course I went on to search webstores for more troops, these I found to be quite suitable:
Besides these I will source tanks, armoured cars & other resources from other miniature producers or to be honest, from my own existing storage.

Stuart 3A from Warlord Games

First delivery from Brigade Games arrived:


After watching couple of movies related to fighting on streets and ruins of Nanking:

I wanted to fight the Japs in a city fight. Well, luckily I had a pile of mdf from Warbases, having participated in their Beijing 55th day kickstarter. First buildings are now constructed:


There's a lot variety in how Chinese forces were dressed as you can see from this video:


I started by undercoating my "German equipped" troops with black and sprayed a base colour of green (Army painter)

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  1. You might look at Reiver Castings, they mix well with Copplestone. The Pulp China station also fit in size wise and would run as guerillas. I tried the plastic route, they are rather small, it looks as though those Brigade games are smaller still.

    1. Thanks mate! I’ve been reading your blogpost with interest. My plan is not to mix models, so the size difference shouldn’t matter.