perjantai 19. helmikuuta 2016

keskiviikko 17. helmikuuta 2016

2nd part of Eirik Bloodaxe's Saga

Peasants & monks - who cares?

"Eirik woke up from his drunken slumber into a hangover, pale morning. Last nights feasting must have matched to the eternal feasting in Valhalla... maybe one pint of mead too much Eirik thought. He grunted as a messenger entered his tent. Group of Danish settlers wanted to move to the near town vikings had seized earlier and the captured Irish monks would soon all be dead - and not worth any ransom - if they had to endure a one more night of viking feasting. Eirik cursed the messaanger, peasants and especially monks twice. He really didn't feel like herding  them..."

As part of our Britannia Saga-campaign we played the scenario published in the February Wargames Illustrated Magazine: "Seek Sanctuary". Idea is to get three groups of civilians into safety, without them getting captured by attacking enemies.The game would end when either 8 civilians have been captured by the attackers or reached sanctuary or after 7 rounds, which would mean victory for defenders.

sunnuntai 14. helmikuuta 2016

GNW: Six pikemen from Ebor Miniatures

Call for Arms!

Commanders for Sweden and it's enemies are now preparing for the Great Northern War -campaing! Troops are prepared every where. 

I just finished 6 pikemen for my Caroliner:

Miniatures by Ebor Miniatures, unfortunately not yet available from their website.

More images here: 

maanantai 8. helmikuuta 2016

Play testing: Great Northern War a la Muskets & Tomahaws

Hostilities started between Sweden & Russia!

Today we finally got the change to playtest the rule variant and army lists I've been working on - based on Muskets & Tomahawks by Studio Tomahawk. Read on to find out how they worked!