Prima Artania 40K Campaign - WAR DIARY

My long time wargaming friend Jussi suggested, that we could organise a fluffy (not HC competitive min max), map based campaign, I was all in and helped him to draft the Campaign doc. Then it took some promotion to get enough players to join in, but eventually we had 8 players, including my oldest wargaming buddy Pave, joining, whom all seem to have same expectation more or less: narrative, fluffy armies and relaxed gaming! And now there is only war!

As part of the campaign concept we will track heroic deeds of units in our armies; when they claim victory points in battles they earn Veteran Points they can use to buy upgrades. I’m using this blog page to track the deeds and VPs of my units.

My battles

Battle 1.Vs Imperial Guard, armoured column / Oskari, Total VP gained 11

Pictures /  battle report here

Battle 2. Vs. Martin’s Adeptus Mechanicus
Total VP gained 22

Pictures /  battle report here

My Army and their Veteran Points

Total Veteran points: 11

Detachment (25#, 804 pts)
   1 Troupe Master, 84 pts (Prismatic Grenades; Fusion Pistol; Harlequin's Kiss; Choreographer of War; Flip Belt; Holo-suit; Rising Crescendo; Warlord Traits-Harlequins)
      1 The Starmist Raiment

Veteran points: 1

Battle 1. Destroyed an enemy tank with his Fusion pistol and then charging into close combat. Was wounded in the battle, but survived
Battle 2. Lead a decisive outflank charge with his elite Troupe and ravaged several enemy units. Destroyed an enemy walker. 

   1 Shadowseer, 135 pts (Hallucinogen Grenade Launcher; Miststave; Neuro Disruptor; Rulebook: Smite; _ Phantasmancy Discipline; Flip Belt; Holo-suit; Rising Crescendo; Shield from Harm)

Veteran points: 2

Battle 1. Blasted enemies with mind war and then fried his brains with Perils of the Warp 
Battle 2. Protected key units with her spells and survived the Meat Grinder scenario 

   5 Troupe, 86 pts (Shuriken Pistol x4; Harlequin's Blade x3; Prismatic Grenades; Fusion Pistol x1; Harlequin's Caress x2; Flip Belt; Holo-suit; Rising Crescendo) - mounted on the starweaver

Veteran points: 2

Battle 1. Rode the star weaver into the midst of battle, took out the enemy psyker. Were then blasted to smithereens by concentrated enemy fire.
Battle 2. Survived the Meat Grinder scenario 

   7 Troupe, 112 pts (Shuriken Pistol x6; Harlequin's Blade x5; Prismatic Grenades; Fusion Pistol x1; Harlequin's Caress x1; Harlequin's Kiss x1; Flip Belt; Holo-suit; Rising Crescendo)
Veteran Skill: speed, advance is always 6" (3VP)

Total Veteran points: 5 - 9
Unused: 2 - 6

Battle 1. Line breaker and secured the most valuable objective
Battle 2. MVP unit of this battle. Outflanked with the Troupe Master and destroyed several enemy units, at least 4

   1 Starweaver, 99 pts (Shuriken Cannon x2; Blur of Colour; Explodes; Holo-fields; Mirage Launchers; Open-topped)

Veteran points: 4

Battle 1. Scored First Blood. Delivered a Troupe into the thick of the battle. Kept causing wounds on enemy vehicles and survived well.
Battle 2. Gave fire support. Finished off a Castellan Robot unit (already blasted by Fusion pistols from others). Survived the Meat Grinder scenario 

   6 Troupe, 106 pts (Shuriken Pistol x6; Harlequin's Blade x2; Prismatic Grenades; Harlequin's Caress x2; Harlequin's Kiss x2; Flip Belt; Holo-suit; Rising Crescendo)

Veteran points: 2

Battle 1. Entered the battle on a later stage
Battle 2. Survived the Meat Grinder scenario 

   1 Death Jester, 45 pts (Shrieker Cannon; Deadly Hunter; Death is Not Enough; Flip Belt; Holo-suit; Rising Crescendo)

Veteran points: 4

Battle 1. Had to wait for proper targets. Secured one objective.
Battle 2. Took some potshots from his elevated sniping position, as no enemies advanced he was a bit bored. Survived the Meat Grinder scenario 

   3 Skyweavers, 137 pts (Shuriken Cannon x2; Star Bolas x1; Haywire Cannon x1; Zephyrglaive x2; Blur of Colour; Holo-suit; Mirage Launchers; Rising Crescendo)

Veteran points: 2

Battle 1. Blasted at enemy vehicles. Survived lot of shooting and contested an objective in the end.
Battle 2. Engaged in fire fights with enemy hevies, taking some losses. Survived the Meat Grinder scenario 

   1 Battalion Detachment, 0 pts

Patrol Detachment (11#, 195 pts)
   1 Warlock, 55 pts (Shuriken Pistol; Witchblade; Rulebook: Smite; Runes of Battle; Ancient Doom; Battle Focus; Destructor; Rune Armour; Psyker 

Veteran points: 3

Battle 1. Secured an objective
Battle 2. Cast some key protective spells. Survived the Meat Grinder scenario 

   5 Rangers, 60 pts (Ranger Long Rifle; Shuriken Pistol; Ancient Doom; Appear Unbidden; Battle Focus; Cameleoline Cloaks)

Veteran points: 4

Battle 1. Secured an objective
Battle 2. Waited for the enemy to advance, took a few shots. Survived the Meat Grinder scenario 

   5 Warp Spiders, 80 pts (Death Spinner x5; Ancient Doom; Battle Focus; Flickerjump; Warp Jump Generator)

Veteran points: 0

Battle 1. Jumped in from reserve. Destroyed enemy elites and secured an objective together with Deathjester
Battle 2. Made a tactical, if somewhat suicidal jump into the midst of enemy right flank, caused havoc and survived a terrible amount of
shooting from enemies. Were eventually wiped out.

12.11. Finished three old Harlequins - another battle tomorrow

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