lauantai 27. huhtikuuta 2019

Salute 2019 Part 1.

Meeting friends, shopping and general goodiness

It was my second time in Salute (last years report here) this year and once again I was part of Dalauppror's team in preparing and presenting a demo game. I will post a separate "report" on that project. This post is about everything else in Salute.

Besides running a game and shopping, Salute is an event where I have the opportunity to meet face2face people and friends from my "international wargaming network". In this picture I'm shaking hands with Andy Lyons, whom is organising Saga World Cup this year. I'm organising qualifications in Finland. Read on to see what else was there to see, meet and buy.

perjantai 12. huhtikuuta 2019

Bolt Action Campaign started - Ostfront!

Firestorm Bagration 

in new clothes

Many wargamers and readers of wargames magazine readers might now Firestorm Bagration Campaign from Flame of War scene and it has also been played at our club. Jaakko got a great idea to convert the campaign to Bolt Action (not that much to convert really). Soon we had about 10 people joining the campaign, choosing to play either fascist or communists. This week's Wed we had a first game night and generals gathered around the campaign map... 

 Jaakko and other commanders discussing the campaign dynamics