tiistai 28. marraskuuta 2017

Unboxing Grippingbeast's Dark Age Cavalry

New plastics!

Grippingbeast continues to churn out excellent plastic sets for Dark Age settings. Supporting the newish Aetius & Arthur supplement for Saga as well as their Swordpoint rules for larger battles, out comes the Dark Age Cavalry set !

Read on to learn about it's contents and to see some example builds!

sunnuntai 26. marraskuuta 2017

Limes Campaign year two: To the Death!

Rome vs. Saxons

This Timotrix's Warband was on warpath for a vengeance! They had no plans to break through to loot, rape & pillage, they just wanted to kill as many Romans as possible - those barbarians!

Read on to learn what kind of bloodbath ensued!

maanantai 20. marraskuuta 2017

Visiting Reading and Warfare 2017 -show

Wargames Tourism

Took the opportunity to combine business and pleasure and traveled to UK / Reading 
on Saturday afternoon to attend Warfare 2017 Wargames Show 
Definitive highlight of the day was to have long chat and a demo about Saga 2.0 with 
Grippingbeast's chief Chum Andy. Very interesting changes coming to Saga I must say!
Read on to learn what else happened!

keskiviikko 15. marraskuuta 2017

More LOTR - facing the Terror of Angmar

Gulavhar on the Rampage

Kalle, whom had missed our tournament on Sunday, asked for a sparring partner to try out his Angmar list for the coming tournament somewhere in Sweden, I was the fool to agree...

sunnuntai 12. marraskuuta 2017

LOTR (Hobbit) SBG Tournament @ Nopat Club

Rough Going for Elves of Loth Lorien

Players from around Finland gathered to play a 400p. LOTR SBG tournament at Nopat Club. I decided early on to play with Elves. As the deadline for delivering lists arrived, I only had started to draft my list, but had to send the first draft... Well I wasn't going to be playing that die hard anyway...
Fine tuned some Galahdrims for the tournament

tiistai 7. marraskuuta 2017

More Maurice

Another GO for Lesnaya 1708

As we liked the Maurice system (By Sam Mustafa) quite a bit, I wanted to re-run Lesnaya with a slightly different team this time. Antti and me were playing the Swedes now and Jaakko, Stephan and Sebastian (latter two being guest players to our campaign) were running the Russians. Matti had also ventured to the club, but the game he thought would have been there wasn't. so he joined us.

Read on!