keskiviikko 1. joulukuuta 2021

Visiting Gripping Beast in Evesham

After enjoying a weekend of wargaming ambience at Warfare 2021, I continued my travels to a small town called Evesham, located somewhere there in a middle…

So why travel there, you ask… besides being a nice small town, with beautiful surroundings, it is the place where Gripping Beast has it’s HQ, well ok, it’s only location, Beast Tower as it’s called and
ruled by it’s fair and wise lord, Lord S. I am fortuned to know this great warming persona and got to visit there. Read on to find out everything about “where the magic happens”!

lauantai 27. marraskuuta 2021

Storm of Swords - Round 3.

On the third round I was challenged by Martin Baratheon, my campaign co-organiser… as his event, Martin had chosen “Plentiful Leadership, which meant, that he could field 2 commanders in his list, gaining two good unit attachments and 12 tactics cards. Only one of them was to be nominated as THE commander, scoring extra points from objectives etc. I was lucky to obtain “Mercenaries” event, which allowed me to field a 10% larger army, that would certainly be needed!

lauantai 6. marraskuuta 2021

lauantai 2. lokakuuta 2021

ASOIAF: Elocup Tournament Battles 3. & 4.

 More Lannisters - Winds of Winter

After two rounds I had a minor loss and a crushing victory under my belt and needed to win this battle to seriously compete for victory in this tournament. Facing Lannisters again I decided to go again with my MOD -list.

Pasi played his Tywin Lannister list:

Combat Units

• House Bolton Blackguards (6) (proxyed by Lannister Guardsmen)
Tywin Lannister - Lord of Casterly Rock (0)
• Stormcrow Archers (6)
Bronn - The Sellsword (1)
• Red Cloaks (6)
• Poor Fellows (4)
Champion of the Faith (1)
• Gregor Clegane - The Mountain That Rides (4)
Non Combat Units
• Pycelle (4)
• Cersei Lannister (4)
• Joffrey Baratheon (4)
View this list at

keskiviikko 25. elokuuta 2021

ASOIAF: Mormont She-Bears

 Reinforcements for House Stark

So far this unit is the one I've spent most time painting of all the units 
I've painted for ASOIAF. I really like the models and I'm also enrolling
it to a painting competition organized by our Wargaming Club Nopat & Taktiikka

See more pictures below!

tiistai 24. elokuuta 2021

ASOIAF August Cup: 2nd Battle


- Clash of King(s) and The Queen

In my second battle I faced Baratheons (Renly loyalty) lead by venerable Eldon Estermont.

Old Turdle 3 Faction: Baratheon Commander: Eldon Estermont - Lord of Greenstone Points: 40 Activations: 7 Combat Units • Rose Knights (7) Eldon Estermont - Lord of Greenstone (0) • Champions of The Stag (8) • Baratheon Sentinels (6) Bronn - The Sellsword (1) • Baratheon Wardens (5) Non Combat Units • Margaery Tyrell (4) • Cortnay Penrose (4) • Olenna Tyrell (5) View this list at

An obvious choice was to play my Mother of Dragons list against slow moving, heavily armoured Baratheons.

In our cup several comps are in effect, mostly on NW, but as nobody is playing NW, the only one worth noting is the dragons doingD3+2 wounds, instead of D3+3

lauantai 21. elokuuta 2021

ASOIAF: August Cup Battle report 1.

 Game a week tournament

As an alternative for running one day tournaments with 3 games, one of my mates 

at Nopat & Taktiikka Club is organising cup style tournaments. We play one game per week and tournament runs for four weeks.

Finished another unit of Unsullied Pikemen for the tournament:

My two lists for the tournament are as follows:

MOD Faction: Targaryen Commander: Daenerys Targaryen - Mother of Dragons Points: 40 Activations: 7 Combat Units • House Bolton Blackguards (6) Daenerys Targaryen - Mother of Dragons (0) • Drogon (7) • Rhaegal (7) • Viserion (7) • Stormcrow Mercenaries (5) Jaqen H'ghar - Unnamed (1) Non Combat Units • Illyrio Mopatis (4) • Walder Frey (4)

Barristan's Phalanx Faction: Targaryen Commander: Barristan Selmy - Barristan The Bold Points: 40 Activations: 8 Combat Units • Unsullied Pikemen (7) Barristan Selmy - Barristan The Bold (0) • Jorah Mormont - The Wandering Knight (3) • Dothraki Hrakkars (5) • Stormcrow Archers (6) • Unsullied Pikemen (7) Non Combat Units • Illyrio Mopatis (4) • Daenerys Targaryen (4) • Tycho Nestoris (4)

As a tournament house rule or comp Dragons would "only" do D3+2 wounds with their attack. There were also several restrictions to Nightswatch, but none of the participants chose to play them...