Project Finnish Civilwar 1918

As it is 100 years this year from the brutal Finnish Civilwar our club started a project to present this dramatical event of our history with Bolt Action.
I joined the ranks of the revolutionary “red guard” and have so far painted 50 miniatures for it (pictures below).
Other club mates also painted miniatures either for “whites” or “reds” and our project leader Kalle produced a dedicated gaming table for it, modelled after locations near TAMPERE, where the most decisive battles took place. Should you be visiting Tampere, there’s an excellent exhibition there in the Vapriikki museum.

Here are pictures from the preparations. Our demo games will take place in Ropecon next weekend. I will post pictures from the games after that.

Pictures of the dedicated gaming table made by Kalle:

Russian sailors or “black matruses”

A few pictures from the Vapriikki exhibition

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  1. Hieno setti! ihania kuvia punaisten ja valkoisten joukkioista ja tämä maasto on aivan upea!
    Pitänee käydä Vapriikissa, jotenkin jäänyt väliin