lauantai 23. toukokuuta 2015


This is  something I've been planning to do for a long time: fire and smoke for our battle fields

"Building" a demolished castle wall section

As part of our excellent Saga: Crescent & Cross -campaign we played a big team game last weekend in Ropecon. The game was a team game of 2 vs. 2, where us, the attacking saracens had 2 X 6 point Saga-warbands and the defenders had 2 X 4 point armies - and the castle.

It was really a great game (see plenty of pictures in Mika's blog here) and since we demolished a wall section in it, I just had to build (= demolish) one. Now I'm hoping to be able to use it soon.

I'll probably write a report about the game as well, but this blog is about constructing that piece of scenery.

Brother in arms has fallen

This week a truly sad message reached our Nopat-gaming community. Sami K., one of our most active club members and a true wargaming enthusiast had suddenly died on a heart failure in his home. Sami was only around 30 years and we all find it so hard to believe his gone. In this post is a mortuar that I wrote for him to our club's website. It's in Finnish.
Rest in Peace Sami

torstai 7. toukokuuta 2015

1812 Retreat from Moscow - first game played!

This was truly a white death...

My White Death 1812 project (see the relevant project page) reached it's first climax as a first demo game was played tonight at our gaming club. Since my Russians and father winter brutally crushed the hapless French, my always so cunning friend and opponent Jaakko made sure that his version was the first to be published:

The actual PRAVDA is now broadcasted on this channel... read on!

First Retreat from Moscow to be played tonight!

Ladies and gentleman, this is the moment you've all... I mean I have waited for!

First game will be played tonight. This has meant frantic painting for the last week, since I'm providing almost all minis for the game, Then again, painting these beautiful minis has truly been a pleasure!

Russian forces as far as they got by 1 AM last night

maanantai 4. toukokuuta 2015

Unboxing Gripping Beasts new plastic Saracen / Arabic Cavalry

Christmas came once again... 

...and my gaming buddy Herkko acted as the Santa by bringing me one box each of the new plastic sets from Salute - THANKS HERKKO! (and your wife)

So let's see what I got...

Something else for a change - Sengogu period japanese peasants

My rather large Sengogu period japanese army (for Hail Caesar / Pike & Shotte / Ronin) has been on waiting mode for a while, but a Bolt Action -game (played yesterday) got me painting these peasants. In the game I had two units of 10 sharpened bamboo spear armed green troops. All of them duly died in the game, but both made it to melee and this unit in the pic even held an objective for moment - before being shot to pieces by concentrated fire from Mikko's Chindits.

Even if these minis were rather quickly painted, I think they came out quite ok. I'm specially pleased with the fresh cut bamboo spears, made from plastic pikes. Inspiration was found here.

Miniatures are from Perry and Museum Miniatures.