Saga Limes Campaign

I'm playing the Saga Limes campaign with a club fellow Timo. My Late Romans against his fierce Saxons.

Year one

Battle report of the first raid here

Roman Morale 8
Barbarian determination 5

Year two

Battle report of the second raid here

Roman Morale 10
Barbarian determination 0

Campaign victory for Rome! Roma Victrix

Check out how the minis got painted here

Campaign rebooted!

As the first campaign ended so quickly, we agreed to reboot, scale up and balance. So we recruited two more players (Kalle and Sami) from our club and made amendments to make the campaign work on 2 vs. 2 mode. Here are the changes I suggested:

Saga Limes Campaign - expansion to 2 vs. 2

Goal: make the campaign less vulnerable to ending too fast. This is achieved example by

* Balancing each team's experience in playing Saga
* Team being able to channel resources between players to help out a player in trouble

Morale / Determination is multiplied by the number of players per side
* 2 player teams = starting morale / determination is 20

Time units

1. Barbarian players both do their own plans & warband building
2. Barbarian spent time units are added together and then the total sum is reported to Roman (defending) players
3. Roman players split the TU's by default. Should they so choose, they can agree on different split, max 1/3 and 2/3 shares.
4. Barbarian player can donate the other max 1 point of Warband points eg. B1 buys option X (which he can buy twice) and donates the effect to B2.

Recruiting points (Rome)
* Roman player can donate the other max 3 recruitment point / year

Roman fortifications
* Will only have an impact against the Barbarian player making the raid against that Roman player (for example R1's Watchtower will reveal only the attacking 
players plans

Game Sequence:

Year 1. R1 vs. B1, R2 vs.B2
Year 2. R1 vs. B2, R2 vs.B1
Year 3. R1 vs. B1, R2 vs.B2

* Once during the campaign both sides can (secretly) switch opponents


We agreed to implement the changes bolded and check out after three rounds should we need the rest.

Second Campaign games

First game: Rome vs. Hun. 4-0 victory to Rome.

Practice game: Saxons (played by me) vs. Rome. 4-0 victory to Rome.

2nd year game

3rd year game

4th year game

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