torstai 23. heinäkuuta 2015

Mare Nostrum Hail Caesar Campaign - first trial game played

Classic Battle: 

Macedonian (successors) vrs. Late Ach. Persians!

After two weeks of traveling with family in search of VIKINGS, I was itching to get back into painting and gaming! Reading the latest WI had heated me up for the coming Club Hail Caesar Campaign: Mare Nostrum (in Finnish) and for putting together some figures for the Three Musketeers (see a separate post / project page for that).

lauantai 11. heinäkuuta 2015

beating retreating French in Denmark

A few days back, I had the nice opportunity to visit a fellow blogger Kaspar in Struer Denmark. We had fast Paced game of his adapted version of Muskets & Tomahawks: 1812 Retreat from Moscow.

Since I'm traveling with family, I'll link Kaspar's report here: