sunnuntai 24. kesäkuuta 2018

Project Salute: Battle of Stäket 13.8.1719

Nordic Co-operation in military matters continued - invasion of Britain

Dalauppror with his warband of Swedish & British sell-swords are already notorious for their presentation games in Salute. As a committed Great Northern War armies collector I was allowed to join in on this crew and so started my "Project Salute"

Me, myself and the Maestro himself!

Read on to learn what this all meant!

lauantai 16. kesäkuuta 2018

Nopat Club’s traditional summer weekend: Bolt action!

Pacific Theatre Campaign Day 

A great tradition of gentlemanly summer weekend with wargaming, good friends, cold drinks, fat cigars and hot sauna has been established at our club. You can find blurry accounts of previous sessions in my blog.

This time we decided to run a kind of team tournament with a Pasific team.
Concept is based on the campaign day event pack  by - thanks for sharing!

keskiviikko 13. kesäkuuta 2018

Three player Zen Saga!

Battle & murder at the monastery

This months Saga Game Night was about fan made battle boards. I had recently discovered and played Fantastic Saga pitting my Greek Hoplites (and Ares) against Jaakko's Undead, but for this evening I wanted to "re-enact" my experience from Hamburger Tactica (2014), where Patrick & co. from Kurpfalz Feldherren were running the same scenario with the best looking games table, I had ever seen (until I saw more tables from them next year!).  

perjantai 8. kesäkuuta 2018

Back to Mythic Pantheon

Clash of father and son

Instead of continuing with the New Guinea Bolt Action campaign, Herkko and me decided to come to Mythic Battle Pantheon. It was time to move forward from the intro game and try out the full rules.