Age of the Wolf Saga Campaign Spring 2018

Story of Vladimir Nurja and his Empire

Right after completing our Limes Campaign another Saga Campaign was kicked off in late April: Age of the Wolf. Jaakko took up the mantle for organising this campaign set in the general east (broadly speaking) and rapidly seven warlords took up the challenge to claim fame and fortunate on their bloody path to become an Atheling. Certain rules like WL traits and special rules were also adapted to Saga 2.0. See these adaptations later on this blog page.

This is the summary of my Warlord Vladimir Nurja's exploits, read on!

I started of with Pagan Rus Warband, planning to move on to Eastern Princes as soon as the Age of Crusades supplement would come available. This was also finally a good enough motivator to paint some of the dozens of Medieval Russian miniatures I had from “Firestarter” by Fire-Forge Games a few years backas well as metallics from Grippingbeast:

    More troops in progress...

    My Goal in the Campaign 

    My goal was to gain as much wealth as possible in the campaign. Wealth can be accumulated by raiding other players. 

    My WL Vladimir had the following upgrades to start with:
    • Hard ruler (4 levies every round, no revolts)
    • Landwaster (free war banner)
    • Son of Odin (1st wound can be ignored without taking a fatigue)

    Changes made to the Age of the Wolf Campaign rules

    We adapted the rules for Saga 2.0, you can find our house rules here. Grippingbeast has also published a FAQ for it.

    We also aim to continue after this campaign with another, map based campaign, where we would play games with larger armies using suitable rule sets like Hail Caesar or Swordpoint.

    Other players and their Warlords were:

    Portraits of these more or less famous Warlords:

    Sigur the Unwanted and Amir Mehmed Erhan

    Harold Dimitralda

    Vitigus the Ostrogoth - Above and below

     Olaf Járnkjǫptr in his original and in his re-incarnate Polish version

    First Round

    My first round action was a Raid against Matti's Ostrogoths and we rolled the Escort scenario and i had to escort the loot I had gathered. As we were playing with 4 point warbands, we adapted the scenario so, that I would play with 3 points, get 2 saga dice from the baggages and Goths needed to destroy only 2 baggages to win. I played with Pagan Rus and  deployed 2 units of warriors (one with javelins) and  a unit of HG. I won a tactical victory by escaping with baggage’s after a nerve wrecking journey through the hostile territory! Pictures below.

    Enemy sighted!

    Vitigus the Ostrogoth

    Melee in the woods

    Outflanking attempt by enemy cavalry

    My fatigue causing abilities were a real headache for the Goths

    My 4 HG screening the baggage

    Ostrogoth cavalry lured to the woods

    And killed!

    Path to safety opens up

    Move it!

    Final and desperate attack on my baggage

    Two of my baggages escape to victory

    Vladimir Nurja cheers for VICTORY (still poor and on foot)

    Round 2.

    My second year battle was a Raid on Jarl Sigurd (whom later became my archenemy and main rival). We rolled “Escort” again and I wasn’t learned 
    enough to use my “Learned” trait, that would have allowed me to choose the scenario. 

    Jaakko preparing his beautifully painted Vikings

    My HG starts with a flanking move to avoid enemy missile fire, while my archers took cover in the woods. Two baggages moved to the right and one to the left, around the woods.

    Viking bondi archers seems like a soft target for my Druzhinas...

    But let’s drive the warriors away first!

    Crossbowmen pepper the enemy too

    But then Jarl Sigurd rushed forward, tailed by his bodyguard...

    And drives my Druzhinas away, so Vladimir decides to show his men how it’s done!

    He drives Sigurd away and then proceeds to take out his elite troops!

    Most of Viking fighters are now killed and Vladimir can herd the loot towards home, crossbows provide supporting fire

    Vikings move towards my escorted baggages, but make an error and leave a too large a gap for two of them to escape!

    Run for safety!

    Jarl Sigurd is so frustrated, that he proceeds to take a
    revenge on my hapless crossbowmen...


    Round 3. Campaign on Saracens

    As the Saracens make a "tactical retreat", it's a time to cheer for another


    Round 4. Mikko's Jomsvikings

    Scenario: Crossing the fjord

    Crossing the Fjord is one of the classic Saga Scenarios and one I really like. In my deployment I divided my forces to each crossing with a unit of elite cavalry and shooters on both. My plan was to let the enemy (Jomsvikings don’t have cavalry nor missile troops) first come and shoot and then charge at whatever makes it across the fjord.

    Note: pictures for this game are not in order yet...

    My crossbowmen taking positions and supported by my warriors.

    Situation in the end: two jomsvikings have crossed (and are fooling around with cows) but clearly more of my Russians have made it across...


    Round 5. Raid on Jaakko's Vikings

    Scenario: Ambush on the forest road

    We adapted the scenario from the AotW -book as we felt, it was too easy for the ambushed force to win - simply gallop out of the board with the Warlord. Changes listed in the House Rules -doc (link to it earlier on this page).

    So I got ambushed...

    My elite cavalry started taking casualties right from the start

    So Vladimir opted to steer away from most of the Viking army...

    While my levies covered this with returning fire

    The damn enemy archers are hiding in the woods!

    Eventually Vladimir gets his revenge!

    But then the crazy viking Warlord Sigurd jumps in from somewhere
    and starts a terrible slaughter!

    All is lost!

    Defeat and Vladimir is badly wounded!

    Round 6.
    Defending against Mikko's Polish AND Jaakko's Saracen!

    As Jaakko (Sigurd)  had played two games on round 5. he had rapidly gained on my lead on the campaign. I was happy to get two challenges for the last round. Both games were played with the tweaked Burh -scenario.

    Mikko and his new Polish Warband prepare to assault my Burh...

    But the defenders are well prepared... it's just that Mikko's WL has a trait that really reduces saga dice available for me on first two rounds (and he used it wrong, our house rules have nerfed this ability a bit)

    Assault begins! 

    My Druzhinas dismount to engage the enemy that has dared to cross the palisade! 

    Mid game

     Polish Warlord smashes through my gate!

    Can my reinforcements save the day?

    They give a good blow to the enemy archers

    And are then taken out by the enemy archery

    While the enemy WL keeps rampaging inside!

    My town is set to fire!

    And the enemy gathers the loot

    Eventually Vladimir is forced to flee his fort. He kills a few enemy 
    peasants on his way (with just 4 attacks left in his profile!)

    Sort of victory for the cheating Pole

    Ready for the final game!
    (with our campaign umpire Jaakko the Saracen lurking in the back)

     Another attack! 

    Enemy at the gates1

    Breach at right side wall!

    Reinforcements arrive

    And go for the hunt for the Amir's head!

    Whom is also threatened with crossbow bolts

     Second breach from the left!

    Amir finally meets his end with the axe of my last standing druzhina in his skull!

    Hard fought battle, 
    but slight victory to the now leaderless Saracens!


    After all these great games and counting all the bonuses...

    * I had the most wealth - as was my object
    * Jaakko the Viking and Jaakko the Saracen shared some other goals, I think the Viking had most land

    Campaign result: Me and Jaakko the Viking share the victory with 11 VP and Jaakko the Saracen follows suit with 10 VP!

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