sunnuntai 11. marraskuuta 2018

First go with Byzantines - review

Testing a new Battleboard from Saga Age of Crusades:

Byzantines vs. Saracens

I've been slowly painting some FireForge Games plastic Byzantines (see review here ) as an allied force for my Rus / Medieval Russian army, that I've been playing our Kingdoms in the East -campaign. As the November Saga Game Night at our Nopat & Taktiikka Club was closing in (I was organizing it), I decided to take a sprint in painting my Byzants and challenged Saracens to a fight.

420 miniatures painted / finished this year

Campaigning really boosts productivity

I've played several campaigns this year and this focusing on  one army has gotten me to finish a lot of Rus / Medieval Russian and some of their allies this year. And there are many that have been started and will probably end up being finished before the year end. I've decided, that during December, I won't start any new miniatures, but will focus on finalising the ones started earlier. I'm still aiming to get 600 minis finished this year!

In this blogpost you'll pictures of minis painted after summer - more than a hundred of them.

P.S. I don't know why, but my Mac (with Chrome) messes up the order of the pictures...

Kingdoms in the East: Round 5.

Practicing War

As the fifth round of our campaign started I was holding the third position among our eight players. Jaakko B. (Anglo Danes) and Sami (Teutonic State) were leading me just a bit. I managed to "help" in creating a situation, where Jaakko and  Sami are now playing against one another. My game was against my (secret) ally and neigbour Mikko and his Goth horde. Since were allies and all, we agreed that the battle would a mere joint practice with wooden weapons. Read on to learn how it all went down and what were the results of this round all together.

Unit of Byzantine allies I finished for the game (and some Medieval Russians too)