torstai 10. syyskuuta 2020

Second map based Song of Ice and Fire Campaign started

As a continuation, with fine Tuned rules, to our spring campaign 7 veteran and 5 new players embark on a campaign to claim their right for the iron throne...

sunnuntai 6. syyskuuta 2020

Chaos and Mayhem in Warhammer!

Triumph & Treachery @ Nopat & Taktiikka

Triumph and Treachery.jpg

Warhammer has really made a come back at our Nopat & Taktiikka Club. In our Summer Cabin trip we played a 20 000p. mega battle with 8th edition and Oldhammer gaming (mainly 6th edition) has been quite active indeed... then I digged up this old tome and asked if some of the fellas would like to give this oddity a go. They wanted and since July there's been about 5 sessions and one of my mates even bought the set from eBay. In this blogpost you'll see pictures from this summers Retro-Warhammer games!