Project: The Others (Song of Ice and Fire)updated 8.2.2020

Fear Beyond the Wall

Since finally listening to all currently published books from George Martin's Song of Ice and Fire about a year a go and also rewatching the entire GoT series to prepare for the final season, I've been totally enthralled by this fantasy world. Early 2019 I started playing ASOIAF TMG with a one friend from our Nopat & Taktiikka Club here in Helsinki and during this year I've already played 20+ games of it and painted Stark and Night's Watch armies and organized the first tournament for this game in Finland. Since fan made rules by Yanic Bur for The Others faction were published by OnTheTable Gaming I've been brooding the idea to make an army for it. This page is about this project.

Update 23.9.2022

As The Others fan made faction has not been updated to Song's 2021 edition, I'm now playing them as Free Folk (just started). Here are some WIP pictures of new units & characters I've converted and painted:
Army in action - note Frozen Shore Bear Riders

Characters converted: Lady Val, Mance troubadour, Jon Snow, Ygritte, Great Walrus and Styr + unnamed attachments

Frozen Shore Chariots

Varamyr Sixskin

Varamyr's Cat

Update 11.1.2020 Wrote a blog post reviewing the factions and it's units, read it here . We also recorded a podcast about it with OnTheTable Gaming crew today!

Part 1. What miniatures to use?

Wargaming world is full of undead miniatures so all one needs to do is to choose which ones you want to use. I had earlier joined in on a Forgotten World Kickstarter by FireForge Games and as that pledge arrived, I got a good load fro my core troops. Rest of the minis are from my already existing undead collection, individual miniatures from here and there or scratch built from several plastic sets. Below I have listed my sources for each unit in the faction. Citadel’s newish Contrast paint range has been used heavily in painting and they suit very well for painting  zombies and furry bits.


So far used models are from the mentioned Forgotten World range and it's Dead Peasants set. I'm planning to do more Wraiths from Mantic's Northern Alliance Clansmen (as soon as I get my hands on them) to have more former Wildlings looking troops.

Wraiths unit WIP

Mantic’s Northern alliance kitbashed into service

For Feral Wights (which is a pretty awesome unit) I have mainly used Mantic's Ghouls with some head swaps.

For Fallen Crows minis are more of a mix. They are kitbashed from following sets: 

These wraith miniatures to be used as Bringers of the Night 
(if I decide to use them) are from Reaper 

I also have some Citadel LOTR minis in the unit and
probably the ones in the middle are confrontation, they are quite old.

Cavalry & Monsters

Considering Night Striders, I first thought, that I should rather do undead cavalry, as the White Walkers ride their dead horses. Then again Martin does write about ice spiders... so I decided to do both!

The Night King and two mounted White Walkers are from Elladan Miniaturea undead range (they also have other GoT miniatures) and that one knight on a skeleton horse is from WizKids Deep Cut series.

That spear has now been glued like five times now... 
some pinning recommended.

Citadel’s Blood for the Blood God technical paint was added to the red areas on these zombie horses. I think they look suitably gruesome now.

And here we have the Ice Spiders aka Driders from WizKids Deep Cut Range

This one I nick named Zombie Mr. Baddington and I think it is way too
powerful for it's mere 5 points. I think we will make it 6 points  and replace the hitting part of
Brutal Mauling with Critical blow.

This version of Mr. Paddington is a Dire Bear from Reaper Minis, I think this model, would 
be at least as good.

For giants one could of course use models from CMON's Free People range, but I consider them a 
bit too small for my idea of giants. One good choice is the thematic giant from Elladan. I've chosen the following miniatures to act as my Undead Giants:

WizKids Deep Cut Bone Golem

A very old Grenadier Giant - I'm planning to re-touch him into an undead, I'm just wondering 
what to do with the hands... it used to carry a platform with goblin bolt throwers

This is toy monster or a giant, probably from Papo, but
it looks so much like chained giant in House Umber's banner, I
just had to buy it and will paint it!

Commanders & Attachments

A White Walker, The Night King and Queen

This awesome model is from Elladan undead range

This chap from Elladan will do fro all of the above. For further White Walkers I have 
many options to choose from, for example the models I'm using for the Bringers of the Night (see infantry above)

Just need to find his missing hand or replace it


The Night Queen seems like the Best NCU this faction has (see battle report for some mechanics) as having corpse tokens really is the key to success. This model is a metal model from Reaper.

Well, no surprises here

I'm yet to choose a model for this one...

Part 2. Unit reviews is here

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