Retreat from Moscow 1812 - or "White Death"

White Death...

This means, that since Hamburger Tactica in Feb 2014, where I was first introduced to game in design called White Death 1812, I started gathering minis for this thema.

Now as our gaming club started a Black Powder campaign for Napoleon's picnic to Russia in 1812 AND I found an excellent blog by Kaspar (check it out here) and got modified Musket & Tomahawk -rules, I really got started with the project... 

First game is set to be in the end of April and I've started painting first minis. See first some WIP pictures below,

 Pile of lead and some plastics (Warlord, Perrys, Foundry and even Trent Miniatures)

 Perry's French on the left. Russians from Perry and Foundry on the left, Cossacks and angry villagers are very rich in character!

Getting this far was very fast, this is what I did with the grey models:
1. Trim the minis and glue them to bases (while watching TV)
2. Spray undercoat: Black
3. Spray base color: uniform gray by Army Painter
4. Airbrush black wash (nuln oil)
5. Drybrush gray layer
6. And now the painting begins...

Trent miniatures will actually present Finnish troops (under Swedish command) in the "Finnish war 1809" when Russia invaded and conquered Finland from Sweden. No we weren't very happy about that :-(
I guess I'll use them as russian militia / jägers already in these games now planned. The tricky thing is, that these minis (from Trent) are actually Haitian troops, and most of them are bare footed, so I have to hide their toes with green stuff. But since their hats were very close to the uniform worn by Fins in 1809, they got bought (from Tactica Fleemarket this year, great find!)

UPDATE 29.4. First French troops painted

These are a mixture of Victrix French Middle Guard (with some heads from Warlord Games) and Perry Miniatures' excellent "Retreat from Moscow 1812" range.

Next up: cossacks!

Sources of inspiration:

Check out these great source of inspiration....

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